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What we do.

Superior-Servers builds cost-effective fast efficent servers and networking products. We specialize in Linux systems and prefer AMD hardware.

Why Linux?

Linux is a mature stable secure OS who's total cost of ownership is far below other OSes. Linux is also highly configurable and is more robust than other OSes. Linux is also less susceptible to attacks and viruses as other OSes. Linux also has a lower over-head than other OSes so, your system runs much faster. Lastly, Linux is not encumbered with expensive licenses nor hidden upgrade costs, updates/improvements are always free so you won't be forking out money every few years for newer versions.

Windows or other OSes

We specialize in Linux installation but we will happily install any OS that the customer wants. If desired, no OS will be installed.

Why AMD?

Simply put, AMD consistently provides the best performance for the money. If a customer prefers a not to use AMD hardware, we will happily build a system to their specifications.